Why Internet Marketing Is So Important

Integrated Internet Marketing

Businesses need a lot more than just a good-looking website to achieve their marketing goals. They need to attract the right visitors, nurture them to qualified prospects that turn into customers, and generate revenue for the business. The Esteemed marketing agency offers integrated Internet marketing services designed to do just that.

Website Design & Development

Websites are the foundation of any business marketing communication strategy. Esteemed marketing creates powerful websites that engage customers with effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, visual branding, compelling content, and sharing through social media.

Keyword & Key Phrase Research

Because prospects do not always search for your products the same way you think about them, it’s important to explicitly identify and leverage keywords and key phrases from both prospect and business perspectives. Esteemed marketing systematically researches keywords and phrases that best connect your website to search engines and prospects. Subsequently, we also study trends for keywords and key phrases in the industry and competitor websites to make a thorough comparison alongside your results.

Search Engine Optimization

By fine-tuning your website with good search engine optimization (SEO) practices, you can raise your website’s position in organic search rankings with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. To effectively rank high and land on the first page of search engines’ results, Esteemed focuses on parts of your website that search engines put more weight on:

  • Site Structure and Navigation
  • Use of Keywords and Phrases in Key Positions in Text, such as Titles, Headlines, Anchor Text, Text Copy, Images, and Alt Tags
  • Onsite Linking
  • Offsite Linking

Content Development

Once your website is in its best possible shape, we move on to other strategies that are proven to increase a website’s position in natural search results. These include:

  • Set-up and Maintenance of Company Blog
  • Aggressive and Detailed Article Marketing
  • Directory Listings
  • Back linking

Social Media Marketing

The Internet culture is ever-changing, and the rise of social media is a testament to that. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn represent a new avenue for successful business marketing, but only if applied the right way. Esteemed helps you devise and implement a social media marketing strategy that connects you to your customers in a meaningful way.

Lead Nurturing & Analytics

The start of a long-term business relationship with a client begins with a clear effort to capture their interest. Esteemed takes that effort and focuses on communicating with qualified leads that are not yet ready for sales and nurture them through a number of tools including:

  • Interactive and Dynamic Content
  • Opt-In Informative Email or Newsletter Sign-ups
  • Behavior-Gauging Online Surveys

Using these strategies, Esteemed analyzes how you can further improve your website traffic qualitatively. We determine what leads specifically like in your site, and develop content that caters more to your users, without compromising your brand identity.

With a fully-integrated internet marketing plan, your brand not only reaches hundreds of thousands of potential customers, it gives you the opportunity to develop them into reliable leads to increase your return of investment (ROI).

Learn more about our internet marketing services, call Esteemed at 858.780.9983.

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