July 18, 2020

Sell More with Persuasive Copywriting

The success of a website is not simply determined by how sophisticated or visually attractive it is. Instead, it’s how effectively you engage your target audience and convert them into customers. Below are a few reminders that can help turn your website into your persuasive sales tool.

Build a connection

First and foremost think of your customers as an extension of yourself and your company. Remember they are real people you want to connect with. To earn your customer’s trust, you need constant communication. However, the moment you lose the reader's interest or make them feel awkward with a heavy handed sales pitch, you lose the opportunity to build that connection.

Feature the Benefits

Your clients land on your site because they want to know what they can gain from you. But most of the time, marketers fail to recognize the difference between “features” and “benefits”. Keep in mind readers only care about what they can benefit from. Rarely do they care about what you can do or make, unless there is a clear benefit to them.

Call to Action

There are two things to consider when asking readers to take action. First, people get easily distracted and second, they won’t give you much time to read and interpret your message. If you want your readers to do something, make it brief, simple, and specific.

Readability Matters

Lastly, the formatting of your content must always be checked for readability. You can do a lot of things to improve your reader’s experience but thoughtless formatting can hurt your opportunity. Keep your paragraphs short and straightforward. Use bullets and subheadings because chunking helps extend your reader’s attention span.

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