What’s Up with Green Marketing?

Digital revolution has transformed not only the technologies we use today but also the way we communicate and transfer information to people. Because of digital technology, marketing your business is now easier, more far-reaching, and more economical than the traditional marketing methods.

Going Paperless Has Become a Trend

Office papers have become a thing of the past. Before, you may hear about a funny story in your workplace that “the next flood will be of paper.”  It seemed like it could have been true and filing cabinets would have been stacked everywhere.  But now, everything has gone digital and “Going Green” has become a trend. From offices to businesses –even your child’s school fundraiser, every one wants to Go Green. By simply reducing paper usage and waste and choosing recyclable and reusable materials you, too, can go paperless.

Internet Marketing Is Eco-Friendly

Advertisers are one of the major paper users and have been tagged as enemies of the forest because of the amount of paper they use up for marketing such as brochures, datasheets, newsletters, memos, flyers, sales binders, print ads, and other business tools.

With the power of internet marketing, businesses and marketers can now help save the environment. By developing effective and user-friendly web sites and creating interactive marketing tools, businesses can get the leads they want faster and reduce their paper consumption and printing costs significantly.

Green Marketing – Your Business Advantage

Green marketing by employing web marketers is your business advantage. By using internet marketing tools, your business can:

  • Generate leads worldwide, 24/7
  • Send and receive e-mails and newsletters more quickly and efficiently
  • Develop accessible digital marketing tools such as downloadable flyers, brochures, invitations
  • Get faster results at lower costs
  • Reduce printing, photocopying, and mailing costs
  • Get third-party support from nonprofit organizations

Every one wants to Go Green – even your target audience do, too. There are many ways to promote your business as an eco-friendly organization. You can get into the green marketing trend through your advertising and sales promotion, partnerships with environmental organizations, packaging and manufacturing practices and many more.

Esteemed Consulting provides eco-friendly marketing solutions by developing effective and results-driven web tools for your key business objectives. For more information about our eco-friendly services, call Esteemed at 858.780.9983.

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