Website Development Timeline

Listed below is a sample of Esteemed Consulting’s website development process. This timeline lists the major tasks and material hand-offs of a typical 25-page web design or re-design project.

Week 1 Client Esteemed Both
Contract signed x
Pre-planning meetings and team assembled x
Week 2
Team kick off meeting x
Review roles, responsibilities and timeline x
Product spec sheet template/s provided to client x
Site maps presented/ adjustments noted (spreadsheet) x
Week 3
Keyword research/ selection  x
Client approves site map  x
Esteemed presents template theme (look of site pages)  x
Client approves template theme  x
Website design: Branding begins  x
Client provides new content > not on current site  x
Keywords are reviewed and approved x
Esteemed pulls existing website content for editing  x
 Week 4
Client begins work on product pages x
Client begins to pull photos/images to fit product categories x
Website design updated “brand application” presented  x
Website theme customized to match branding colors  x
 Week 5
Client reviews/ approves brand application  x
Client submits first draft product page content  x
First drafts of new content written x
Esteemed provides drafts of new content pages to client  x
Client reviews/ approves new content pages  x
 Week 6
Client’s “development site” set up on test server x
Client provides product pages with descriptions and specs  x
Client provides form information: (e.g., Request a Quote)  x
Esteemed reviews and edits product pages  x
Esteemed provides client with photo specifications  x
 Week 7
Site visual design begins x
Esteemed pulls information from existing site  x
Content integration begins  x
Client approves product pages  x
Client provides images  x
JPGS, sized & properly named  x
Week 8 to 9
Esteemed assembles all content into web pages  x
Site build out continues  x
Esteemed conducts site review  x
 Week 10
Client reviews websites for content  x
Client provides a detailed written change/correction list (as needed)  x
Change list complete  x
Site refinements made  x
 Week 11
SEO features enabled x
Links & forms checked  x
Site tested and proofed  by Esteemed  x
Site tested by Client  x
Final adjustments made  x
 Week 12
Sites moved from test server to client host  x
Go live  x
Site goes live  x
Training for WordPress to edit site x

The above timeline is just an estimate. Many components of building a website are dependent on other assignments.  Delays in receiving materials, images or approval could push the timeline out by a week or more.

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