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Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies are very important mechanisms of a good internet marketing plan. The main drive in every SEO campaign is to increase your website’s ranking, so your business links to potential customers searching for your products or services online.

  • Online search is the top source for business leads.
  • 92% of business buyers research suppliers online.
  • Organic search is one of the most effective forms of long-term lead generation.
  • 87% of commercial website traffic comes from organic or natural search.

At Esteemed, we offer SEO marketing services that can make your business more visible to potential customers. We follow proven techniques to increase your rankings, including:

Website Structure and Navigation

Esteemed reviews your website’s structure and overall website navigation to ensure content and links are targeted, synchronized, and integrated. We make recommendations to repair technical and content-related problems, and we can even fix them for you.

Keyword and Key Phrase Research

Working in partnership with you, Esteemed identifies and selects the keywords and keyword phrases that are best for your business. We develop short and long-tail phrases that are relevant to you and your potential customers, and then optimize your site based on these keywords.

SEO Copywriting

Good copywriting for the web can sell your products and services, communicate your value proposition, and encourage conversion. Great copywriting for the web effectively speaks to both humans and search engines.

By writing compelling keyword-rich content in the right places and establishing relevance, you can positively capture the attention of search engine users.

Meta Tags, Title Tags & Image Tags

Title tags are brief descriptions (10 -70 characters) of your webpage. They should consist of keywords—words associated with the key topic of your page that help search engines better understand what your page is all about.

Meta descriptions or meta tags are longer descriptions (70 – 160 characters) of what your web page is about. They allow you to influence how your web pages are described and displayed in search results. These page descriptions should be plain, clear, and contain your most important keywords. Also, each page should have its own unique meta description.

Search engines, like Google, integrate images and videos other than text to search queries. Alt tags, on the other hand, serve as captions to images especially when they are not fully displayed. These tags help visitors determine if they are in the right track or off-course on a search.

Inbound Link Building

Links are the lines that lead clients to your online business. Logically, links pointing to your site are used to increase your online presence and profitability as a business. It also ranks your credibility and recognizes you as an authority in your line of industry through Page Rank. We develop both on-site and off-site link building to maximize your search engine presence.

Reporting and Analytics

We start with an assessment of what you have, and from there, we select what we can develop through SEO. The great thing about search engine marketing is that, you can always raise the bar and improve your SEO marketing strategy and tactics comprehensively. SEO marketing services from Esteemed increase your business’ online visibility, improve brand positioning and magnify credibility.

Find out more about our SEO marketing services through a free one-hour consultation. Call us at (858) 780-9983.

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