Outsourced Marketing Makes Better Business

Marketing is a major component of your business. You can identify your customer, provide satisfaction to your customer, and gain loyalty from your customer through marketing. However, a new trend to marketing has emerged. Outsourced marketing has been employed by many companies to get them better marketing results.

In-House Workforce Is Old School

Outsourcing has come of age and for many companies, outsourcing non-skilled labor is a cost-effective way to get better, faster results. Rather than employing in-house experts and purchasing high quality office equipments, businesses outsource to reduce costs and increase performance.

Filing, typing, copying, mailing, and data collecting are just some of the services companies have been outsourcing since the 1980’s.  Now, businesses have access to world-class capabilities by outsourcing labor to customer service representatives, accountants, graphic artists, project managers, IT consultants, researchers, teachers, professional writers, and even marketing experts.

Where Marketing Consultants Differ

Whether you own a small company or a large organization, your marketing strategies do not differ very much. However, employing in-house or outsourced marketing consultant can have a significant difference. Cited below is a comparison between in-house and outsourced marketing to help you see the difference.



  • Employee controls your operating costs
  • Equipment need maintenance, repair and supplies
  • Office politics changes employee focus
  • You provide employee world-class training
  • Limited internal resources
  • Share risks with an employee
  • Need competent employee for each task
  • You control your operating costs
  • Equipment are all-inclusive to service provided
  • Your company is always the focus
  • You gain access to world-class talents
  • Free access to internal resources
  • Share risks with an organization
  • Hire competent organization for all tasks

There’s nothing wrong about having an in-house expert to do the marketing for your products and services. However, outsourced marketing offers you additional benefits and new doors for your marketing success.

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