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Email Marketing Trends

The Evolving Inbox

There is more competition for your prospects attention than ever before. Information is hitting most of us faster than we can absorb or process it. Today’s marketers are working hard to develop relevant email content that interests their prospects. They are taking the time to refine and simplify their messages to rise above the noise.

  • In 2011, the typical corporate email user sends and receives about 105 email messages per day.
  • Despite spam filters, roughly 19% of email messages that are delivered to a corporate email user’s inbox are spam. This includes what is referred to as “graymail” (i.e. unwanted newsletters or notifications).

Relevant Content Is A Must

According to the MarketingSherpa 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report:

  • Almost one-third of respondents were sending relevant email communications, sent on time to a segmented audience with a clear conversion goal.
  • Two-thirds of marketers were broadcasting less relevant emails.
  • One-fifth of marketers send emails late without clear purpose.

Prepare for Mass Mobile Readership

The spread of 3G networks and the release of smart phones such as the Apple iPhone and plethora of Android-based devices have helped drive the growth of wireless email. According to the Email Statistics Report, 2011-2015 Executive Summary, The Radicati Group, Inc there will be 531 million wireless email users in 2011, growing to over 1.2 billion wireless email users by year end 2015.

  • Email is the No. 1 activity of people on the go.
  • 11% of email messages are read on mobile devices.
  • 38% of mobile users own a smartphone, and 55% of all new phones purchased were smartphones.

US mobile internet time

Social Media Explosion

  • The growth rate in the number of emails send and received per day is slowing down due to the rapid rise in other forms of communications, particularly instant messaging (IM) and social networks.
  • Instant Messaging (IM) is continuing to growth in popularity. In 2011, the number of worldwide IM accounts will total nearly 2.6 billion. This figure is expected to grow to over 3.8 billion by year-end 2015. This represents an average annual growth rate of 11%.
  • Social Networking is showing rapid growth with both consumer and corporate users. In 2011, the total number of worldwide social networking accounts, including both consumer and corporate accounts, is nearly 2.4 billion. This figure is expected to grow to nearly 3.9 billion by year-end 2015.2
  • After social media, the next most popular areas of investment are batch-promotional email (44%) and newsletter (39%) programs, followed by real-time lifecycle marketing programs (35%).

Email marketing programs

Email and Social Media Top Areas for Increased Spend

  • Email marketing (60%) and social media (55%) are cited as the top two areas for increased marketing spend in 2012, followed by mobile (37%) and search (37%).

Marketing programs

Use Videos Wisely

  • In a 2010 study, Users were hesitant to click on videos within newsletters if they weren’t sure what they would get. When using video in an email, it’s important to clearly describe the video in words. Also, carefully pick a preview image that communicates the video’s nature instead of simply showing the first frame. Finally, state the video’s duration.


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