Email Marketing

Grow Your Business with Esteemed Marketing Pro Email Service

Email marketing is a fast, inexpensive and effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects. Esteemed  helps you set up and execute your own permission-based email marketing campaigns with an innovative solution that requires no software purchase, technical knowledge or hardware investments.

Esteemed Marketing Pro makes it easy for you to deliver professional email marketing campaigns to your customers with real-time performance statistics.

Email Copy-writing Service

Esteemed helps you achieve marketing goals by creating effective email content that gets opened, read and responded to. With your goals in mind, we optimize all aspects of your message from the subject line to your offer. Get customers through relevant content and move them to take action– from clicking through your website, becoming a fan on your Facebook page or completing an inquiry form.

Esteemed recommends our email marketing clients:

  • Take a personal, conversational approach to email marketing
  • Know what your recipient wants to do most with the message
  • Create a compelling subject line that invites opening
  • Develop a concise message that builds up motivation
  • Make call to actions clear and easy for your customers to complete

We want you to build trusted and long-term relationships with your customers and prospects. We believe pushy or gimmicky messages are more likely to hurt your credibility than convert to qualified leads.

Data Management and Protection

Esteemed Marketing Pro’s easy-to-use List Upload tool organizes and cleans up mailing contacts from Excel™, MS Outlook™, ACT!™ and other text-based formats. This eliminates the risk of duplicate email being sent  the same address or client over the course of a campaign.

Marketing Pro protects your lists with a double line of defense. First, our physical database servers are locked in a secure facility and are monitored year round, and second, our servers are protected by secure firewall systems from the industry leader, Cisco Systems™.

Website Opt-in Form to Build Your Mailing List

Esteemed can also create an opt-in web forms on your website which allows visitors to sign-up and join your newsletter list. This organically captures details such as name, email address, that visitors voluntarily provide. You can even customize fields of additional information to fit your specific business needs.  The result: you can target your email campaigns more effectively and build stronger relationships.

Social Media Sharing with Facebook & Twitter

Our Social Sharing and email archive features help make your marketing efforts easier and more efficient,, With Social Sharing, you can create an archived web-friendly version of your email and turn the email marketing campaign into a web page that can be easily shared with customers, prospects and partners. These features save time and help you get your message out to a wider audience – immediately.

With Marketing Pro, you can easily post your email on Facebook, Twitter, your website, or wherever you like. These features removes barriers to sharing content and help make your social networking sites more engaging.

Delivery and Reporting

The purpose of every email marketing campaign is to get through to your customer and prospect inboxes.  Esteemed ensures established relationships (“white-listings”) with the major ISPs, so marketing emails sent from our servers are recognized as legitimate and not as spam. We fully adhere to and enforce a strict permission-based marketing policy in compliance with the Can-Spam Law, which makes sure that you do too!

Get live reports and vital statistics associated with your email campaigns directly from your browser. Instantly track how many people have opened your message, who they are, and how many of them have clicked any call to action links you have added. Acquire instant notifications of both new subscribers and customers who have discontinued subscription to constantly monitor the growth of your email lists and market areas.

Let Esteemed create an email marketing solutions tailored to your business. Take advantage of a free one-hour consultation for your marketing needs and contact us 858.780.9983.

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