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An email marketing calendar is a useful tool that can help keep your focused on your marketing goals and priorities. It functions much like an editorial calendar used by magazines. Your calendar will depend on the complexity of your product offerings as well as target markets. As reported in the 2011 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey, one-fifth of marketers send emails late without clear purpose. Using an email marketing calendar will help you stay on schedule, gain trust, communicate effectively and increase campaign ROI.

Without an Email Marketing Calendar With an Email Marketing Calendar
  • Messages focus on the senders needs
  • Customers may perceive emails as SPAM
  • Emails delivery is sporadic (too high or too low)
  • Content is an after though
  • Messages focus on the readers needs
  • Credibility and trust are built over time
  • Email delivery is predictable— expected
  • The calendar & customer needs feed content

Questions to Ask When Planning an Email Marketing Calendar

  • Who are you sending to and what is the goal?
    • Up-sell current customers
    • Acquire (subscribe) new prospects
    • Nurture prospects by vertical market, size, persona
  • What is your main reason for sending these emails?
    • Create brand awareness
    • Build a stronger relationship (trust & loyalty)
    • Take a specific action (complete a form, take a tour, call you or chat)
  • What type of content do you want to send & what is the appropriate frequency?
    • Promotional offers
    • Industry news &  events
    • Educational tips
    • Holiday messages

Example: Email Calendar

Each business will have a calendar unique to their specific needs. If you have a complex data base, you may also want to establish rules about frequency of contact and lead nurturing.

 Date Audience Goal Message 1 – Customer Value Message 2 – Credibility/Authority
January 10 Prospects Conversion/Download paper Save time and money/New Year resolutions Credibility/Proof source
 February 10  Customers  Relationship/Cross-sell  Customer Appreciation  Case study/related product
 March 10  Prospects  Relationship/Product tour  Visit us at Trade Show  We’re industry leaders
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