Check, Check, Double Check

Of Course I Proofread the Brochure!

We all know that sending out a marketing piece or newsletter with a typo is unacceptable.  We’ve all done it! How about an invitation without a date? BAD! We learn from our mistakes as we become more experienced.  Everyone knows how to proofread but it’s better to ask someone else with “fresh eyes” to proof it for us.

As deadlines loom, we must get something out of the printer immediately or have a presentation posted before the webinar. That’s when these “dumb” things happen – a misspelled client’s name appears or a placeholder for <insert client logo here> shows up on the PowerPoint. Again, we should learn to never repeat these mistakes – ever.

Leave a Positive Impression

Technology brings new rules. Remember, everything on the web can be copied and republished forever. This makes proofreading copy and grammar checking more crucial to web marketing. YouTube can show our video mistakes over and over. So, make sure to check the bottom of your shoes for “I’m quitting” signs before publishing any material.

Last note, make sure your web links work! “We didn’t check” is not an excuse when sending out a newsletter with a link to sign up for a demonstration shows the page “Internet Explorer cannot display webpage”.  Worse yet, linking to the last site you wanted your prospect to see. (I’ll let you think of some places not to send them, but the Internet has plenty – including your competition!)

Digital age has improved the way we do business. We can do presentations and send out mails without having to step out of our office. Our marketing materials can be published and distributed with just a click.  Make sure you employ a proofreader or at least use some software to check your materials if you’re too busy to double-check. A marketing partner can help you not only proofread your content but also improve your marketing.

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