Why Internet Marketing Is So Important

Integrated Internet Marketing

Businesses need a lot more than just a good-looking website to achieve their marketing goals. They need to attract the right visitors, nurture them to qualified prospects that turn into customers, and generate revenue for the business. The Esteemed marketing agency offers integrated Internet marketing services designed to do just that.

Website Design & Development

Websites are the foundation of any business marketing communication strategy. Esteemed marketing creates powerful websites that engage customers with effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, visual branding, compelling content, and sharing through social media.

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What’s Up with Green Marketing?

Digital revolution has transformed not only the technologies we use today but also the way we communicate and transfer information to people. Because of digital technology, marketing your business is now easier, more far-reaching, and more economical than the traditional marketing methods.

Going Paperless Has Become a Trend

Office papers have become a thing of the past. Before, you may hear about a funny story in your workplace that “the next flood will be of paper.”  It seemed like it could have been true and filing cabinets would have been stacked everywhere.  But now, everything has gone digital and “Going Green” has become a trend. From offices to businesses –even your child’s school fundraiser, every one wants to Go Green. By simply reducing paper usage and waste and choosing recyclable and reusable materials you, too, can go paperless.

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Outsourced Marketing Makes Better Business

Marketing is a major component of your business. You can identify your customer, provide satisfaction to your customer, and gain loyalty from your customer through marketing. However, a new trend to marketing has emerged. Outsourced marketing has been employed by many companies to get them better marketing results.

In-House Workforce Is Old School

Outsourcing has come of age and for many companies, outsourcing non-skilled labor is a cost-effective way to get better, faster results. Rather than employing in-house experts and purchasing high quality office equipments, businesses outsource to reduce costs and increase performance.

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Marketing Strategy Planning Process

Every Business Needs a Marketing Plan

Having a well-defined Marketing Strategy Planning Process can keep your business on course when unexpected challenges arise. Changing market conditions, including tighter budgets, tougher competition, price conscious customers and new marketing channels, all remind us that successful marketing tactics from the past are not guaranteed to work in the future.

Using the experienced marketing consultants at Esteemed Consulting brings a broader perspective and deeper insights into your current marketing tactics. Esteemed Consulting helps you develop a solid strategy that delivers the results you need with the resources you have. Esteemed Consulting has the experience and expertise to help your business create an effective marketing plan that gets results.

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Add File Naming Conventions to Your Year End Clean Up List

Cleaning up your files should be easier than clearing off your desk. However, you can’t just throw them to the recycle bin unless you’re completely sure of what sort of information has been stored in each file. Naming your files carefully can be of great help when you need to do some year end clean up of your database.

Naming Files Made Easy

By the end of the year, your company must have documentation of all your dealings. From products to write-ups, you should have them in your database. However, keeping track of all the information would be troublesome when you or your staff don’t follow a file naming convention to organize stuff.

Here are some hints to help you with:

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Marketing is a Process

Marketing  is a business function misunderstood by many. Many people think it’s all about advertising –well, not really. Marketing is broad and requires a step-by-step process to accomplish business goals such as determining what products and services consumers buy, sales strategies, business development tactics, and so on.  Without a process, marketing is just a waste of your time and money.

Marketing Is More Than Just Advertising

Marketing is so complex that advertising products and services is just a form of a marketing campaign. And marketing campaigns don’t happen overnight. Conducting a marketing research, planning a marketing strategy, and applying marketing technologies are essential to have an effective marketing campaign and execution.

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Strategic Planning in Marketing for Business Growth

The Benefits of Strategic Planning in Marketing

Strategic planning helps your organization assess the environment it is competing in while establishing a vision, mission and business strategies that guide your organization into the future. It clearly defines business goals accountability and responsibility while setting manageable timelines and improving communication. It also increases the ability of the people in your organization to work more effectively with each other, across all departments, as they strive to achieve common goals.

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Social Media at Work Makes More Productive Employees?

According to a new Australian study, using Facebook or Twitter at work can make you a better employee. Really?

The University of Melbourne study showed that people who use the Internet for personal reasons at work are about 9 percent more productive that those who do not. Study author Brent Coker, from the Department of Management and Marketing, said “Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing,” or WILB, helped to sharpened workers’ concentration.”

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Response Rates Still High for Email Marketing

2010 DMA Response Rate Report

According to The Direct Marketing Association’s 2010 Response Rate Report, e-mail and direct mail remain effective for marketers. Response rates for B-to-B campaigns were generally higher than for B-to-C campaigns.  Lead generation and high-end average sale campaigns also had higher response rates.

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Check, Check, Double Check

Of Course I Proofread the Brochure!

We all know that sending out a marketing piece or newsletter with a typo is unacceptable.  We’ve all done it! How about an invitation without a date? BAD! We learn from our mistakes as we become more experienced.  Everyone knows how to proofread but it’s better to ask someone else with “fresh eyes” to proof it for us.

As deadlines loom, we must get something out of the printer immediately or have a presentation posted before the webinar. That’s when these “dumb” things happen – a misspelled client’s name appears or a placeholder for <insert client logo here> shows up on the PowerPoint. Again, we should learn to never repeat these mistakes – ever.

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