Add File Naming Conventions to Your Year End Clean Up List

Cleaning up your files should be easier than clearing off your desk. However, you can’t just throw them to the recycle bin unless you’re completely sure of what sort of information has been stored in each file. Naming your files carefully can be of great help when you need to do some year end clean up of your database.

Naming Files Made Easy

By the end of the year, your company must have documentation of all your dealings. From products to write-ups, you should have them in your database. However, keeping track of all the information would be troublesome when you or your staff don’t follow a file naming convention to organize stuff.

Here are some hints to help you with:

  • No need to include your company name in your company documents

You could start each filename with your company name but since they are all company documents, why bother? Instead, create a folder for all your company files for better organization.

  • Use your client’s name for client-specific documents

This makes sense if you create documents for many of your clients. Put the client’s name first.

  • Limit the use of numbered information

Other companies have numbered information as they create documents but different recipients may find this hard to follow, especially if they only get to see ones that pertain to their own departments.

  • Begin each filename with classifying term

Use known categories to sort files easily. For example, MC for Marketing Communication, PC for Private/Confidential, ALL for all employees, SMC for Sales and Marketing Communications, and the list goes on.

  • Make the middle portion more descriptive

Get a hint about information stored in the document by adding a description in the filename. For example, describe whether the document is draft, updated, approved, final, and so on.

  • Include a date at the end to keep track of updated documents

Quickly recognize which files are out-of-date or up-to-date when you include the date the document was saved in the filename.

Some Examples

  • ACTPAY_bill_date_update.05212008.doc
  • MC_new_prod_XY_JUL2508.pdf
  • NEWS_stock_price_jump_MAY05081206pm.pdf
  • NEWS_stock_price_update_MAY05084:26pm.pdf
  • ALL08_401k_meeting_APR06.doc
  • BOARD_deadline_for_May_Agenda_031508.doc
  • SMC_data updates on XY specs_093008.doc

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